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Typical plant flow for wheat and barley is as follows;

Buffer- A spiked tooth cylinder breaks up the chaff and pieces of heads to make the grain flow better.

Indent- Separates by length. It takes out grain that is longer and shorter than the size of grain you are trying to keep.

Air and Screen- Separates by width. It sifts and scalps out the over and under size grain. There are air liftings at the incoming and outgoing ends of the machine that lift out lighter product.

Gravity Table- Separates by weight. The heavy grain moves to the top of the table while the lighter grain runs downhill and off the bottom. This removes lighter shrunken kernels that are not fully formed.

Colour Sorter- Separates by colour. Run by a computer this machine will eject a colour it is set to.  The grain runs down a slide, a camera looks at it from two sides and a blast of air ejects the unwanted coloured grain from the main stream.