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Seed Cleaning Plant Ltd. 

Combines for CuresTM

"Combines for CuresTM is the first rural men's health program of its kind in Canada.  We provide lifesaving mobile prostate cancer awareness and PSA blood testing for all men over the age of 40 living in rural Alberta.  Our mandate is to save lives through early detection of this potentially fatal disease and we could not make this happen without the generous support of farmers like you, who donate grain or screenings to fund rural testing.  

The money raised through our annual 'Grain Drive' in November will directly pay for PSA testing events in rural communities ultimately saving lives; this program is all about "farmers helping farmers"

In 2012 the Three Hills Seed Cleaning Plant joined Combines for CuresTM donating screenings from its members through Cargill." 

To donate to Combines for CuresTM visit or contact:

Sarah Geddes
Manager of Rural Initiatives 
Combines for CuresTM